Yeah, I know this isnt exactly what some of you may have thought from the title.

Just a simple environment to grow my cooking herbs indoors.


1x 24in UV florescent light

1x 3in 12v case fan

Acrylic windows to both reflect the UV back in, and help isolate the plants from the heat in the radiator they are sitting on.

I am however looking for a coating or treatment for the windows to actually reflect the UV back in. I dont really care about the transparency.



28in long * 15in tall * 14in wide.

As you can see, I am using regualr storage totes as planters. Coincidentally, they are cheaper than actual planters. 😉

Future plans, replace the
UV light with a RED/BLUE LED combo.


The current contents of the box:

Iceberg Lettuce, Baby carrots, Parsley , Chives, Mint, and Strawberries.




Update 6/24/12:

So… everything died of a combination of overwatering and dehydration. Seems an odd couple. The soil was not draining, and there was little moisture in the air. My second try is shown below.

A clear piece of shower curtain velcro’d to the lip for the windows. Also, I increased the size of the drainage holes. The small plastic cups are purely as seeding containers. Easily removed when the seedlings take root.




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